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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Satellite View of Khairenitar Tanahun

1.Distant View with Seti flowin vertically down and kumle Khola horizontally


3.Crossing the Kumle Khola from the right

4.Passing towards the buzzar section from kumle khola through Prithvi Highway.

5.Main Buzzar section with Prithvi Highway crossing through the mid section and small highway to Bhimad at the left.

6.Mildada section of Khairenitar, way to Belchautara - Dulegauda - Pokhara through Prithvi Highway.
         At the top small highway meeting the Prithvi Highway is the way to Bhimad.

7.More zoomed view of main Bazzar, Now you can't find those treese over there

8.Kumle Khola Area

9.Prithvi Highway making a perfect angle

10.Raraharman chok area

11.Ekantakuna Area

12.Mildada Area Seuli Bazar, way to Bhimad, Seti river at the left

14.Belchautara Area
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